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Tips on buying used cars

Dealing with the process of buying a used car will always be tricky. You almost never know what you are going to get. You never know if you are about to get fooled into a really bad purchase or if the buyer is honest or not. Used cars can have so many problems that it is nearly impossible to check every detail in order to make sure you are making the right decision. And when it comes to people who don’t know much about cars, things get even more dramatic.


This is mainly because a used car salesman can always tell just how clueless the buyer is and take advantage of that.

So if you indeed are clueless when it comes to cars, there really is no need to despair. There are some steps you can take in order to get yourself out of bad deals and find something suited for your needs.

The first thing you need to do is set a budget and stick to it. If you need a minivan that will help your family out don’t change your mind when you get to see the offers. Don’t go around trying to buy a Porsche or a Mustang with the budget with the money you had for buying a minivan. If you do that, you will definitely end up with a really bad car. If you get to buy a really cheap Mustang, than there’s definitely more than one thing wrong with that car. On the long run you will end up regretting this decision, and wishing you had stuck with the original plan. If you get a cheap “expensive” car, it will soon turn into a money pit and you will soon lose track of just how much you’ve spent fixing it. So no matter what you do, know your budget and the type of car you want to buy. Oh, and one other thing you should be aware is that if a used cars salesman will sense your hesitation, he will surely exploit this weakness, he will get you to buy a bad car and he will actually make you feel good about the purchase.

One other thing you can do before actually going around and meeting with sellers is to do your research. You need to decide on a model and research the hell out of it. This is the only way you will know what to expect. I would strongly recommend you going on different forums where fans gather and voice their problems with certain models. This is incredibly useful as it will allow you to ask the owner the right questions. If you are not that much into cars and are completely clueless, you might want to talk to a mechanic or a mechanically inclined friend. They may help you out and give you several useful tips.


How to understand the need of a new car

We often come across situations when we feel the need of a new car. However, it is really hard to justify the real need of the new car. There are some basic criteria that define whether it is the right time to buy the new car. These are very simple but yet very significant criteria that people often ignore.


Car Performance

If the performance of your old car is reducing then you must consider getting a new one. There are certain factors that need to be discussed here. The repair cost often shoots up with the increasing age and decreasing performance. It is often observed that cost of repair is increasing so much that you can, in fact, buy a new one. The poor performance also reduces the mileage of the car along with the other costs. If the car consumes more gas than normal, then the time has come to shift to the new car.

Growing Need

 Very often it is seen that increasing number of family members demand a new car. You may have a small car, but that may not fit when you have kids. A bigger car will be required and that is a good reason to for the new one.


In a growing business, vehicles are required. However, that always depends upon the business you are in. But there is no point in denying the need for growth. If it is required to expand, you must go for it.

However, there are other factors involved in purchasing a new car. These are also the requirements and go hand in hand with the situations.


You may have the necessity of a new car, but you always need to respect your budget before taking the decision. If you are short of the required budget, then new car is asking for debt and trouble. It is better to consider your financial compatibility for a new car purchase.


You may not have the budget, but you may look out for the car financing. However, you must be able to bear the installments in this case. If you can get the financing for the new car purchase, then the time has come when you can take the steps to buy the new car.

Why buy a new car?

This is the bottom line of all the probable conditions that may prompt you to buy a new car. It all depends upon your affordability. If you can afford the new car and the situation arises, you can for it. A new car always reduces the maintenance and repair cost. It also enhances your performance. However, if your financial condition does not allow you to do that, then it is always better to wait. You may have reduced after purchase cost, but the initial cost of the car may seriously damage your economic stability.


A new car is desired by all, but a wise person does not take the decision in a hurry. Your pro-active measures are utmost required when you analyze that the time has come for a new car.

How to increase the durability of the car

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The car is precious not only from an investment point of view but also from the attachment that a person gets with it. There is hardly anyone who does not want to have their car for a long time with consistent performance. However, that does not come with prayers, you need to ensure that your car is properly maintained and handled. If you are not sure how you can increase the durability of your car. Then here are the simple maintenance tips that can help your car to survive for a long time with better performance.

Check your Engine

Your engine is the soul of your car. You must ensure that the engine is at the best condition at all the times. The first thing that should be remembered is that it needs a frequent checkup. You can take the car to the mechanic and analyze the engine condition in a quarter or six months depending upon the distance travelled. The Engine Oil plays a pivotal role in your car’s life and you must make sure that the oil is not dirty. There are several filters in your car engine, oil, water, air, transmission filters, that must be functional at all the times. You must cross check the performance of the filters and get it replaced at the appropriate time. You can ask the reliable mechanic about any other possible changes and improvements required in the car engine and get that fixed before it is too late. It can increase your age of the car by a considerable amount.

Car Body

Another important section of the car is the car body. This includes both interior and exterior of the car. You know that you need to maintain the appeal and look of the car and that is important too. It should be frequently cleaned and polished. The better would be the maintenance of the car body, the longer it will last. However, if no attention is provided towards it, you may start losing the charm and performance of the car pretty soon. Your car also takes a lot on the road and that should be compensated with the excellent services. The adjustment and crosschecking of the transmission systems, steering, gearbox and all related stuff are very important as well.


This is often ignored, but that has a huge role to play in the longevity of the car. The wheel alignment is one of the prime aspects of the car maintenance that you must follow sincerely. You must check the tire pressure regularly and get it done at the appropriate time from the gas station. The tire pressure has a huge role to play in the performance of the car. You need to make sure that you change your tires once it is overused and get it replaced for better and smoother performance. This can enhance the durability of the car by a large amount.

You know how important your car is and that must be reflected in your maintenance. If you are taking care of the car very well then you can increase the age of the car by a considerable amount.

Tips to Negotiate When Buying Used Car


The trend of buying used car is becoming very popular now a day. There are many reasons behind the popularity of this trend. First of all, it always takes less money to buy a used car whereas a brand new car can cost a lot. The process of buying an old car can be a bit tricky. You have to be a master negotiator to win the argument on price. Many of us want to buy used car don’t know about the negotiation process. Here are some tips to negotiate like pro:

Do The Research

You will have to know about something before you can start a negotiation based on that product. So it is better to do the research before jumping into the buying field. Knowledge about the thing you want to buy will make you a perfect negotiator. So before you are meeting the car seller, know about the model of the car and about the specification. So the previous owner will that, you are well aware about the car specs. This will give you an upper hand while negotiating about the pricing. You can seek help from an expert if you don’t find anything about the car on the internet.

Set the Price

It becomes a lot easier to think of a price when you have done the research work. When you know about every little details about the car, you can set a price for that. Keep that price in your mind, you don’t have to give away the price to car seller. Just start the negotiation based on that price. It is lot easier to negotiate on a used car when you have the price in mind. Always start the price argument from a lot lower than your targeted price. In that way you can reach your set price.

Have More Options

You should talk to different car sellers before jumping into conclusion. Talking to only one seller and buying instantly is never a wise thing to do. The more you talk about the car and the price, the more you know. You don’t know about every car seller in the town, maybe there is someone who would like to sell the car at a lower price than you expect. You should know about all the prices others have to offer before making a decision.

Don’t Show Interest

It is never a good idea to show your interest about the car in front of the car seller. Once your interest is exposed, the car seller is not likely to reduce the price. Your eagerness can ruin the negotiation. If you want to be a pro negotiator in terms of buying used car, you have to hide your hot buttons. Never show your eagerness, because once the other party know that you really like the car, they will increase the price at will. Keep a normal face and keep a cool attitude while talking, don’t give away any expression which may affect the negotiation.


How to budget your Car Repair


When you first own a car, it is a wonderful feeling. However, it can give you lot of pain as well. There is no second thought that Car is a mechanical vehicle and some or the other parts are going to be repaired or replaced at some point of time. The repairing cost of the car that is often termed as maintenance cost is something as important as owning the car. However, it is seen that people come in huge trouble and sometimes in debt in emergency situations. The emergency situations can be accidents or natural calamities. However, to deal with all the situations one must expect the expenses for the repair and the maintenance and budget for it with equal effect. Here are the ways by which the car repair budget can be made.

Regular Maintenance

The regular maintenance obviously brings down the risk of damage of the car by significant amount. You must take care of the car regularly at the garage like washing and cleaning. The regular health checkups for your car are also very effective. However, the maintenance of the car in regular interval at the company workshop is very important. You get the intervals at the time of purchase in terms of Miles or Kilometers depending upon the place and country you are in and you must follow the same in order to keep the car healthy for longer time.


Create the Car Fund

Well, even though you have a good track record of maintenance but you cannot control the need of the repair especially emergency repair. This is not only expected but also painful. However, the best way to deal with it is to get prepared before it comes to you. You can create a Car Fund and deposit some amount in it particularly for the car repair purpose. There are huge benefits of this. You do not only save the money for an obvious expense that may come at any time but also it saves you from going to debt. It is often observed that sudden repair push people for debt as it becomes over the budget for people.

Get Insurance for Car Repair

Car Repair Insurance is not a bad idea either. You can get much insurance that are dedicated for the maintenance. You may select the one that you feel the most appropriate. However, one must make sure that the insurance actually delivers the need of the situation. The coverage and other conditions must be well checked. However, the processing bills from the insurance may get some delay for some obvious paper works.

Emergency Fund

You must keep some money in Emergency Fund as well. This should be apart from the Car Fund and must be for any emergency. So, even if you miss the budget of your car repair from the car fund, you can get something from the emergency fund.

The budgeting of the car repair is very important especially at a time when the parts and the services for the cars are getting costlier.


Limousine traps: what to avoid

Party_busesAlthough I’ve never had unpleasant experiences when it comes to renting limousines, I’ve heard some pretty unpleasant stories from friends and acquaintances. The thing is that when renting a limousine, customers should keep an eye out for several things.

Safety first

First of all, people should only rent limousines or party bus rental from companies that have all the required certifications, licenses and, most importantly, insurances. As much as we all like to support small, beginner companies, you should never rent a vehicle from a firm that does not have all their authorisations in order. In case of an accident or any other unpleasant traffic event, you are partly to blame if you or any other member of your group suffers any type of injury. You should definitely be responsible enough to do a background check on the company that you are hiring. So keep that in mind the next time you wish to take advantage of the cheapest limo service.

Cheap does not always mean better.

Another thing you should keep an eye out for is the driver. This is the person in charge with your safety for the next couple of hours, so there are some standards he needs to fit in. If at any time during your trip, you feel that the driver is being reckless and does not practice a safe way of driving, you should definitely ask him to stop and get off the limo. This may even be grounds to ask for a refund from the limo rental company. If you have paid for a service, it should be delivered. It is their responsibility to provide you with a professional driver who has a respectable amount of experience.


Money money money

Now that we’ve discussed the safety issue, we should also talk about charges for a little bit. You should probably know that there are a lot of companies that don’t have a very honest way of dealing with prices and costs.

I’ve heard a lot of stories in which a customer ended up paying double the sum they initially agreed on. This usually happens when companies have hidden taxes. They will charge extra for anything. I even heard a friend of mine saying that he was once charged because he wanted to listen to his own music, not the one the company provided. As absurd as that may sound, it really did happen.

So make sure to avoid approximate charges, and get everything on paper. Most times a company would charge extra for anything from drinks, snacks, music, stops and so on. In spite of this, they will still have all of these things right under your nose, and you can count on the fact that at some point you will get the feeling that they are free. Well, they are not. It’s like the minibar in a hotel. You drink it, you buy it.

So the most important thing here is to talk to the rental company and have them explain all the costs and have them tell you exactly what the bill is going to be, and what could influence it.


How to reduce the maintenance cost of the car


There are many people who own a car and then finds problem with the growing maintenance cost. I have seen people keep complaining about the frequent damage to the car and the maintenance cost. Well, it must be said that cars will have such damages and unexpected repairs. This cannot be avoided. However, the scale and the frequency can always be controlled by the owners. It does not need plenty of things, but being sensitive would be enough. Here is how you can reduce the maintenance cost of your car.

Drive Worthy

Car is a machine and it has a life span associated with it. It is obvious that with the passage of time, the condition of the car will go down. However, you need to check whether your car is worthy of the road. There will be cars speeding away and slightest of mechanical faults can be disastrous for the car and for you as well. So, make sure it is in good condition before driving.


Tune Up the Car

A car which is regularly tuned up is always better than the others. It does not only keep the mechanicals of the car fit and fine but also makes sure to be less expensive and cheaper. It has been noticed that a car which is not tuned up regularly consumes 30% more gasoline.

Oil and Oil Filter

These are very important and one must make sure that the oil filter is thoroughly checked and replaced in time to time. This does not only make your car healthier but also removes many problems that can further increase the maintenance cost.

Air Filter

The engine air filter is also very important for the car and the maintenance. If you change it periodically within time, then you car needs lesser expense for maintenance.


The tires are very important for the maintenance and one must use the recommended tires only for better productivity. The car tires should always be balanced and properly aligned. This will make sure that the car is perfectly aligned and it will be less prone to accidents as well. You must check the tire pressure regularly to avoid damages.

Fluid Level

The fluid level of the car is also important. The fluid level in the engine drives the battery life of the car. It has been observed that most of the people ignore it and then end up in paying more money to take change the same.


The fuel for the car is also very important for durability and stability. Every car comes with special instructions on fuel. So, the type of fuel is very important for the car. If your car runs on gasoline, then you must make sure that the gasoline is of recommended type for your car. It improves the performance of the car and also reduces the cost of the maintenance of the car as well.

These are some of the very important things that people often ignore. But these have huge impact on the maintenance cost. So, you can just start following the same and can estimate the difference in maintenance cost.